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Meet Nimao...


School: Southrise Primary School

Year: Y5

What has been your favourite part about the Yes Futures Programme?

“The world of Work Day. I was able to make new friends and see what the workplace was like. I learnt that we can be different people and it doesn’t make you less than anyone else.”

What did you think about the Play your Part Day?

“I enjoyed the old peoples home because it made me realise that old people are the same as young people. They should be treated the same because they are just as lively as a baby!”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to be a Fashion Designer so I can make new types of designs. I think I could make people happy and smile!”

What’s the biggest thing you have learnt from the Yes Futures Programme?

“Not to be shy even if you are having a hard time at home or with other kids at school.”


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