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Your distinction can be found during half-term

Your distinction can be found during half-term

As a young person reading this article, you are living in the most exciting times ever and never has there been a greater time to stand out and excel as a young person. During your 2015 summer holidays, it is vital you work on tomorrow’s vision today, why? The tomorrow you are thinking about has actually started, today.

To become a distinguished pupil, the first thing you need to see, believe and begin to achieve is your vision. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you could be 11 years of age or 16 years old, having a vision for your life is very important. I deliver talks to schools across the United Kingdom and I meet many pupils who don’t know what they want to be in life. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s my passion and vision to coach and teach people how to have a vision for their lives. If you’re reading this and you don’t know what you want to be in life, what I tell my audience is, “your vision is connected to your gifts, talents and passion”.

I don’t listen to rap music anymore but I love a quote by the great poet Tupac Shakur, “even the genius asks questions”. I know you are a genius so begin to ask yourself questions, “what are my gifts”? “What do I want to become”? Who are my friends and where are they going in life?” These are pivotal questions that once you find the answers will lead you onto the path and journey of distinction.

During your summer break, I want to challenge you to spend quality time reading, learning and watching inspirational videos. Why? Who has your ear determines what you hear. I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself and ‘hang out’ during the summer but, I want you to set yourself a goal to read at least two books this summer. Read a biography of a well-known person and also books about inventors and successful businessmen. You might never get to meet them but as they speak, you will begin to think, act, walk and work like them and that ultimately will be your distinction.

As mentioned earlier, as a young person, you are living in the most exciting times so, don’t be afraid to stand out, don’t be afraid to live right, don’t be afraid to make the library your second home, don’t be afraid to ask questions and finally, don’t be afraid to become an entrepreneur? Who is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a leader of excellence, trailblazer and pioneer who constantly brings change to their generation. ~ Onyi Anyado.

Have a great summer; keep soaring and here’s to your continued success, distinction style.

Onyi Anyado is a multiple award-winning international Conference Speaker, Entrepreneur, Life Coach,Author & Global Thinker.

From his message of distinction, Onyi speaks on educational, business & corporate platforms around the world teaching, training & coaching people how to become distinguished in their chosen field.

Onyi delivers talks to schools across the United Kingdom called; How to become a pupil of distinction™.


Twitter: Onyianyado777

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