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Wellbeing Resources for School Staff

Looking after the mental health and wellbeing of school staff has never been more important. 


If you are a school leader or someone responsible for staff wellbeing, our resources are here to support your school community. 

Having run personal development programmes for over 10 years, and teaching in the classroom before that, we understand the challenges in schools. The resources below, designed and created by teachers, guide staff through the development of their confidence, resilience, communication, and self-awareness. 

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Boosting Confidence:
A Teacher Guide

As teachers you spend your days trying to build up the confidence of your students, but how can you develop your own confidence as well?

  • Give your confidence the extra boost it needs in the classroom and beyond.

  • Reflect on challenging experiences and consider how you can learn from them. 

  • Add the 'My Cycle of Success' insert to your planner to track your weekly achievements and challenges.

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Increasing Self-Awareness:
A Teacher Guide

How can you become more self-aware? Being aware of your habits, tendencies, and needs means that you can try to combat bad days by establishing strategies that work for you.

  • Work on heightening your self-awareness with our 'top tips' hint sheet.

  • Track your habits long term with our month-long habit tracker.

  • Add the 'Weekly Check-in' insert to your planner to track your progress.

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Prioritising Communication: A Teacher Guide

We know that after a long week of teaching, it can be hard to want to schedule in social time. But it's important for your wellbeing! How can you prioritise communication in the classroom and beyond?

  • Check out our infographic full of ideas on how to make the most of your free time.

  • Monitor you calls home to parents and carers. What went well? What will you explore in the future?

  • Add a 'parent call log' insert to your planner for regular use.

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Building Resilience: A Teacher Guide

While immensely rewarding, teaching can also be a demanding job - emotionally, physically, and intellectually. This is why focusing on building resilience is incredibly important in education.

  • Give your resilience the extra boost it needs in the classroom and beyond.

  • Complete an Opportunity Tree as you explore more challenging experiences. What did you learn? What new opportunities have arisen?

  • Get creative as you reflect on the past half term with our planner inserts.

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Download Staff Wellbeing Resources

To access Yes Futures' free teacher wellbeing resources, please complete the form below.

You will then be redirected to a page where you can download your first wellbeing pack focusing on boosting confidence.

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