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School Community Newsletter 24/03/23

A recent poll by Teacher Tap put engaging with parents nearly top of the list of areas that teachers would want to improve their proficiency in if they had a magic wand.

The Educational Endowment Foundation attaches an average of 4 months of progress for students when effective parental engagement strategies are in place. Effectively engaging parents can have numerous positive impacts on students, including improved attendance; higher levels of confidence and self-esteem; increased motivation and improved behaviour.

For parents, improving their engagement with their child’s school and teachers can have a positive impact on raising their aspirations for their children, provide a stronger support network and empower parents to improve the home-learning environment.

On our Rising Futures programme, effective parental engagement is paramount in ensuring that young people have a supportive space to practice their self-coaching skills and work towards their goals. We also know how busy schools and teachers are, which is why we take a lead on engaging parents in their child’s Rising Futures journey through welcome sessions; gathering consent forms and regular update emails. Registration for our intensive coaching and support programme is now open, so why not get in touch and find out more?

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