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Free personal development and wellbeing resources for KS3

Do you need new ideas for form time? Perhaps you're after inspiration for PHSE lessons? The Strengths System has got you covered. Download the first lesson that includes: 
  • A 45 minute lesson plan (that can be tailored to your needs)​
  • An accompanying powerpoint 
  • A comprehensive worksheet 
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"The content and ideas are excellent, and are exactly what we want to be doing with our children." - Teacher

Making the move from primary to secondary school isn't an easy one. 

By empowering young people to believe in themselves during this transition, you can intercept potential mental health problems developing and boost the aspirations of new students within your school. 

Personal Development for KS3 - Strengths System

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12 weeks of lesson plans with PowerPoints and resources, including group discussion ideas and activities.

A 100+ page workbook (My Strengths Toolbox) for each student which guides them through a series of reflective and goal-setting activities.

Take a look inside My Strengths Toolbox! 

Download free personal development resources for KS3

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