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Extend, a feature previewed in AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD 2018, now fully available. Extend determines what areas of your drawings you are likely to need over the course of your projects and creates a single 3D viewport that shows you the common areas of your drawings. Extend is a tool for collaborating and tracking progress that fits into the existing UI of the 3D viewport. Extend is only available in new projects.Markup Assist is available for both old and new projects. The new Markup Assist experience provides more ways to discover new content in your drawings and send feedback. Read your drawings as text, explore the workflow for editing drawings, and quickly incorporate changes.Baseball and SketchUp:New tools for adding to 3D models. Add an editable base, center, and lid on models created in SketchUp. The software does the work for you so you can focus on your designs. (video: 7:20 min.)The new 3D Viewport supports the use of Base, Center, and Lid objects. Place a base, center, and lid on your drawings and specify their properties in the 3D viewport. Let AutoCAD do the work for you.Ceiling is on the horizon for AutoCAD 2023:Live Cylinder: A dynamic way to create and share 3D models and images. Live Cylinder lets you create and share 3D models from your browser without having to download files or send your drawings. It also lets you rotate and zoom in to make your model as detailed or as simple as you want.AutoCAD is proud to support Live Cylinder. Sign up for a free account on the site and start creating 3D models and images right in your browser. You’ll get an email notification whenever a new model or image is available for you to view and download.Ceiling is now available on the web:Download CAD Suite 17.3 to get the new Live Cylinder feature and many more other new features including the new 3D Viewport.New 3D Viewport:Add and remove 3D layers to your drawings. The new 3D Viewport gives you a unified 3D and 2D experience for accessing and editing 3D content.You can now add and remove 3D layers to your drawings from the new 3D Viewport. The 3D Viewport 2be273e24d


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