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“The coaching sessions have been really helpful because they taught me a lot about resilience"

Jode was selected for the Rising Futures programme by her teachers at The Nobel School in Stevenage. At the start of the programme, she was very confident and outgoing, joining the programme with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

Like many young people, Jode struggled to deal with negative or difficult situations,

particularly related to her school work. When getting something wrong, receiving negative feedback, or disagreeing with a classmate or teacher, it would take Jode time to ‘bounce back’ to overcome the challenges. Teachers had noticed that this often held Jode back from reaching her potential in class.

Callum, a Yes Futures Coach worked with Jode throughout the Rising Futures programme, and reflected on her start to the programme:

“At the start of the programme, Jode shared that in a negative situation she would often shut down and withdraw, so we discussed new approaches to challenging situations.” - Callum, Yes Futures Coach

And when we spoke to Jode, she too felt similarly:

“When I first started the programme I didn't really face challenges that well. I used to get stressed out a lot, I would get angry and I wouldn't react calmly.” - Jode, student.

At school, this presented many challenges for Jode. Regularly withdrawing and without the tools to approach challenges impacted her motivation to achieve at school and relationships with other people. Developing resilience to recover from setbacks would not only benefit Jode’s schoolwork but also help her in future situations.

“The coaching sessions have been really helpful because they taught me a lot about resilience and how to build up my confidence, it's really helped me in the long run.” - Jode, student.

Since completing the Rising Futures programme, Jode had demonstrated real growth in her ability to understand herself and her ability to tackle life’s challenges:

“I feel I have progressed in that I think more positively now, and when I am facing challenges I try to calm myself down and think rationally about them.” - Jode, Student

This reflects the growth in resilience that Callum, her personal Coach saw too:

“I think she improved her resilience massively through the programme and will continue to do so through the renewed self-awareness that this programme facilitates.” - Callum, Yes Futures Coach

By having a space to reflect on her behaviour in challenging situations, Jode has developed the tools for long-term change which will improve both her school work and life opportunities when going into the world of work.


To find out more about our programmes, and how you can get involved, please visit our School Programmes page.

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