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It’s time to prioritise your wellbeing

This year, absolutely everything has been thrown at teachers – from CAGs and marking overload, to teaching remotely, supporting student wellbeing, and of course navigating the pandemic. Now more than ever, teachers deserve a chance to unwind and relax.

Teachers, your summer recharge starts here!

We’ve put together some simple ways to look after your wellbeing over the summer break.

1. Make time to unwind

Use a few minutes of your day to do something you enjoy. Perhaps you could spend a few minutes thinking about this and then making a list. It could be something as little as watering your plants or having a bath. It’s also worth remembering that you can take a break from things like the news. Information overload can be upsetting. Since you’re not working, make an effort to switch off your screens once in a while.

2. Fill out your own self-care planner

Plan what you are going to do to look after yourself during the break using a self-care planner. Have a go at filling a self-care list each week, or every couple of days. Check-in with yourself. How are you feeling? What could you do to help boost your mood?

3. Start your day well

Leisurely summer mornings are a bit different to 6am wake-up calls in the darkness of winter! Have a think about how you can set yourself up for the day. You might start your morning with a walk, or simply by taking deep breaths.

4. Connect with others

During term time, you might feel like you never have the time to catch up with friends and family. Set some time aside to check in with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Of course, this is all about balance, and everyone is different. If you’re looking for some time to recharge, connecting with others might not be high on your list at the moment. But it can be beneficial to talk to people you trust about your concerns and how you’re feeling. Plus, meeting up with people can be a real boost!

More wellbeing resources to explore this summer

  • Headspace are currently offering their Headspace Plus package to teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff for free!

  • Coaching techniques are a core part of our support on our school programmes. Check out our previous blog post introducing a self-coaching approach to wellbeing for teachers.

  • This ‘circle of control, influence and concern tool’ from Education Support is a brilliant way to help you consider work or personal challenges you are facing and think how you can respond to them.

  • Experts from Education Support and What Colour is Your Dragon have teamed up to share practical tips to help teachers prioritise their mental health and wellbeing in this webinar.

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