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Adam's Yes Futures Journey

Adam took part in our very first Yes Futures programme back in 2012! Adam had many highlights throughout the program. Yes Futures gave him the opportunity to do things he would not normally do. Having grown up in the city, Adam stepped out of his comfort zone and took part in the multiple camping activities planned by Yes Futures. Adam made new friends from all over the UK and still remains in contact with them, five years after the program!

“Yes Futures was a great opportunity for me to meet new people, and experience new

things. Living in the city, I never thought I would go camping. However, during the Yes

Futures programme I went camping lots and each time I had a new experience which

couldn’t compare to staying in a hotel or sleeping in my own bed. I formed new

relationships and am still in contact with these people 5 years later.”

During his time on the programme, Adam was also able to take part in volunteering activities in his local community.

“This programme has made me want to give back to my community so more young people can have the chance to experience new things and improve skills they may not have known they had”

Adam frequently discusses his experiences with Yes Futures on job interviews because of the skills it taught him in the workplace. Because of this, he has landed his first summer holiday job. Well done Adam!

“If I didn’t take part in Yes Futures, I never would have discovered the wide range of skills and achievements that I had”

Adam is currently studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Warwick. Adam first visited the University of Warwick while on a trip with Yes Futures! We are so proud of all he has accomplished.

“Yes Futures has been a once in a lifetime opportunity where I was able to do things that I will never have the opportunity to do again and make lifelong friends from all over the UK”

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