The Importance of Residential Trips

Research conducted by Learning Away found that residential trips are critical in the development of primary and secondary students. They lead to improved relationships, development of important skills, improved achievement and progress and a greater sense of belonging. Students are exposed to new opportunities for success, new ways of learning and are challenged to reach their full potential.

The experience of staying overnight in an unfamiliar place on a residential trip can be challenging yet valuable. This time away from home creates new routines which students must adapt to, as well as immersing students in an unfamiliar learning environment. Students must coexist with others, which encourages them to make new friends, while teaching them a valuable lesson about living with others.

Residential trips provide a new context for forming relationships. The residential setting and team-building activities break down barriers, allow students to develop and practice important social skills, and encourage students to work more collaboratively, thus building skills such as teamwork and communication.

Residential trips lead to improved engagement and confidence in learning. On residentials, students show an improvement in behaviour and an increase in motivation and engagement. Students tend to participate more and enhance skills such as confidence and resilience. Residentials also help to further develop skills such as self-management, communication, teamwork and problem-solving, all of which lead to the development of leadership skills.

Ultimately, residential trips allow students to experience success and develop new skills. A series of physical and mental challenges provide each individual with opportunities to be successful. This may include overcoming fears, exemplifying leadership, or simply achieving a personal or team goal.

Residentials go beyond the classroom, teaching students valuable lessons and life skills they may not otherwise have access to.

Residentials are a key element of the Yes Futures programmes. During our Into the Wild residential weekend, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone as they are faced with physical and mental scenario-based challenges. Our students are additionally challenged by coming together with students from other Yes Futures partner schools, meeting new people and making friends. Our programmes support students to reach their potential and access a happy and successful future.

To find out more about how your students could benefit from our programmes, please contact Sophie Bartlett:, 07840537893.

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