We are a small and friendly team, with a huge passion for supporting the lives of young people.

Meet the Yes Futures Team

Yes Futures is a multi-award winning charity, run by experienced qualified teachers. It takes a lot of dedicated people to run our coaching programmes. Together we work towards building a future where all young people are confident, resilient and leading fulfilling lives. 

Yes Futures Team

Sarah, Chief Executive
Sarah is an 'Outstanding' qualified teacher, with over ten years' experience in youth engagement. She established Yes Futures in order to have a greater impact on the young people who need it most. She enjoys baking and experiencing new languages and cultures.
Sophie, Director of Impact
Sophie joined the Yes Futures team because she is passionate about giving children the best start in life and supporting young people to fulfill their dreams. She loves to travel and experience new cultures and foods, and is about to attempt her first triathlon!
Ollie, Community Manager
Ollie joined Yes Futures after running his own business as a consultant to entrepreneurs in Brighton. His passion for early stage organisational growth makes him an ideal fit for our growing charity. He is a big friendly giant and wants to support everybody to realise their potential!
Tracy, Finance and Administrative Officer
Tracy joined the Yes Futures team having volunteered as a leader with Girlguiding for more than 15 years and recently trained as a coach. She is passionate about helping young people to discover their own passions and to help them make their way down their own path – no one else’s. Tracy is a self-confessed Harry Potter and Marvel superfan, enjoys running (only in the cooler months), makes a mean banana loaf and wishes Christmas could be all year round.
Hannah, Programme Manager
Hannah joined Yes Futures because she is passionate about supporting young people to facilitate giving them opportunity to excel and thrive in life. Hannah has spent many years working all over the world working with children. She enjoys dancing, baking, sewing, camping and a variety of outdoor activities such as sailing, paddle boarding and hiking.
Beccy, Programme Manager
Beccy joined the Yes Futures team in 2019 because she is passionate about helping young people to achieve their full potential. Beccy has spent the last 10 years working with young people from a variety of different backgrounds as an Outdoor Instructor and an 'Outstanding' primary school teacher including several years working in Thailand. In her spare time she enjoys going for countryside walks and spending time in nature.
Sharon, Programme Manager
Sharon joined the Yes futures team in 2020 with a background in Programme, Safeguarding and Outdoor adventures. She’s passionate about helping young people discover their strengths and developing their ‘I CAN do this’ mindset. Sharon is a self-confessed Disnerd (Disney nerd) and escapes to Disneyland Paris as often as she can. Apart from Disney, she loves nothing more than walking her dog and camping.
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Trustees & Advisors

Andrew, Chair of Trustees
Andrew is excited about Yes Futures because he believes passionately that all young people should be given the utmost support to identify and then achieve their potential. His background is in educational publishing and services for schools, and when not at work he enjoys hiking and cycle-touring in the UK and abroad, as well as keeping up with the latest movies at the cinema.
Holly, Trustee
Holly is a Trustee of Yes Futures because she is passionate about supporting young people to become more resilient. She manages a social investment fund - making affordable loans to a wide range of charities and social enterprises across the UK. Holly's background is in consulting, and she enjoys cycling, cooking and hanging out with her children.
Humphrey, Trustee
Humphrey works in innovation and brand strategy, and is a trustee of Yes Futures because he believes that children can achieve just about anything, given the right support. He’s also proud to be the only member of the Yes Futures team to have appeared on Top of the Pops.
Rachel, Trustee
Rachel's background is in international development and fundraising. She enjoys contributing to Yes Futures as a trustee because she believes in supporting all young people to reach their full potential in life. Rachel enjoys running, foreign languages, travel and food.
Ali, Trustee
Ali works with Yes Futures because he is excited about an organisation that develops a framework of skills in young people as a way to foster positive philosophies on life. He is a passionate sportsman, although some would say he writes about it better than he plays!
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Yes Futures Coaches

Tom, Coach
Tom is a long-serving coach with Yes Futures – he has worked with us for five cohorts so far, across both primary & secondary schools. Tom has also organized several World of Work days hosted by Gartner, the company where he works as an advisor to Procurement executives.
Rachel, Coach
Rachel has over 10 years of experience helping businesses to design new products and services to improve people’s lives. In the last 5 years, she’s focused on shaping the future education and wellbeing in both her professional and personal life. She enjoys coaching and empowering others to be their best selves.
Precious, Coach
I’m a wellness coach in training with great passion to help support others and see them thrive to their full potential. I run a small group called The Intentional Woman, I am a wife, a mother to two lovely children and I work full time as manager.

My aim is to help support people to live a healthier and better life. To help people achieve their goals by supporting them all through the way, to overcome self doubt and negativity, to bring people to a state of self love and belief that anything se
Ahmed, Coach
Ahmed is a Fashion Retail Manager with 14 years’ experience of leading diverse and high performing teams. Personal lived experience and the impact of mentorship/coaching in his youth have inspired him to fulfil his purpose of supporting young people to explore their potential.
Wilson, Coach
Wilson recently moved to Brighton, having previously lived in Hong Kong and Australia, where he studied business psychology and finance. Over the years Wilson has worked as a management consultant and has coached school leavers helping them transition into full-time work. In on the weekend, Wilson likes to hike with his 2 children.
Hannah, Coach
Hannah joined Yes Futures as she is passionate about helping young people and children believe in themselves and achieve their goals by helping them understand and take advantage of the opportunities around them. Hannah enjoys cooking, art and travelling around the world.
Yasmine, Coach
Merrily, Coach
Jules, Coach
As an experienced teacher and qualified life coach, I'm thrilled to be part of the Yes Futures programme. It’s an honour to work with children and young people to support their emotional needs and help them to develop their confidence and raise their self esteem.
Hannah, Coach
Richard, Coach
Combining his background in academic tuition for children with his passion for coaching, Richard is exciting to be part of the Yes Futures programme. He is studying for a diploma in transformational coaching & enjoys enabling others to understand their strengths and develop their confidence.
Finbar, Coach
Ellie, Coach
Ellie is a transformational coach and mental health advocate based in Surrey and London. Having mentored young people that are under-represented in higher education during her Psychology degree, Ellie is excited to be part of the Yes Futures program to support more young people in achieving their full potential and living happy, fulfilling lives. She is also a major dog lover!
Farhana, Coach
Belinda, Coach
Having worked in change roles in the financial
services sector for over 20 years Belinda is
passionate about helping youngsters explore their
options and consider their strengths as well as their
skills. Her moto is to always ‘meet or exceed
expectations and provide clear communication
along the way’, an essential life skill. Belinda’s
hobbies include beekeeping and cheese making
(when time permits) and she enjoys the countryside
from horseback and on foot with her doted upon
demented old dogs,
Emma, Coach
Areej, Coach
Areej Abdi has 20 years of running a business, is an accomplished artist, teacher and NLP Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, she believes that every opportunity should be given to support the young to achieve their dreams and goals easily - By working together there is unlimited potential in each young person
Anne, Coach
Ron, Coach
Natasha, Coach
Natasha is excited about joining the Yes Futures Team. Currently on a career break to care for her twin boys, she is keen to utilise her coaching skills gained during her 15 year career in Human Resources for the benefit of young people to help them recognise their full potential.
Matt, Coach
Having hosted a World of Work Day in 2018, Matthew hopes to help young people as a Yes Futures coach. Using his skills and experience from being a Scout leader he hopes to support young people be comfortable with who they are and to utilise their strengths to succeed.
Jennifer, Coach
Jennifer is an Anxiety Management Coach, and a volunteer with the Family Lives charity. She was concerned by the anxiety experienced within her teenage daughters peer group as they were growing up, so retrained as a Anxiety Management Coach two years ago. She is passionate about helping children and teenagers develop their confidence, self worth and resiliency, and providing them with the tools and techniques to live happy fulfilled lives.
Tia, Coach
Tia is excited about supporting and empowering young people. Through her experience in HR, managing and mentoring young adults, Tia recognises the importance of acquiring soft skills in order to transition smoothly from education to the work-place. Tia is also a keen ‘yogi’ and enjoys theatre and interior design.
Christina, Coach
I have spent the past 5 years travelling around Europe and Asia learning about different cultures and more importantly myself. I'm passionate about yoga, mindfulness and personal development, with the right tools and coaching I believe we can all achieve our full potential.
Valerija, Coach
Passionate about holistic/alternative self-care, psychology and philosophy. Currently studying Holistic Spiritual Counselling and planing to participate more into self-healing and self-awareness methods development whilst enjoying living an authentic, heart guided life, sharing love and compassion with others.
Shruti, Coach
Shruti Vashisht is a Personal Development Coach and passionate about mindset and health. She has over a decade of experience in motivating and leading others to live their best potential. She loves to inspire and build confidence in young people at their crucial stage of life so that they believe in themselves.
Jane, Coach
Kirsti, Coach
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Interested in becoming a Yes Futures Coach?

We're always looking for more volunteers to get involved in our programmes!


You can empower young people to have a happy and successful future! 

As well as enabling them to reach their full potential, working with young people can help you to grow and develop new skills, as well as giving you a sense of fulfilment.

"Being a coach for Yes Futures is a rewarding experience. Seeing some of the students grow in confidence and realise their strengths and potential is wonderful. To be part of that is priceless." 
David, Yes Futures Coach
“Volunteering with Yes Futures gave me the opportunity to gently encourage young people to step out of their comfort zone, and seeing their genuine glee - after doing things that they never imagined they could - made it all completely worth it. It's fulfilling and it's fun - do it!!”  
- Liam, Yes Futures Coach 
"Being a Yes Futures coach has been a brilliant experience for me - having the opportunity to work with and see the impact you have on critical life skills for these children is very rewarding.  I would highly recommend it!" 
- Tom, Yes Futures Coach 

Develop and gain experience in: 

1-2-1 Coaching, Behaviour Management, Youth engagement, Group facilitation.

We cover all expenses; provide full training, DBS checks and ongoing support throughout. 

To register your interest in becoming a Coach with Yes Futures, or to find out more information, please get in touch. 

Yes Futures is a registered charity in England and Wales. Registered Charity Number 1155082. We empower young people to develop confidence, resilience and key life skills through extra-curricular success.

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