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School Community Newsletter 14/04/23

92% of pupil premium students on our Finding Futures programmes improve their critical soft-skills; building their resilience, confidence, communication and self-awareness.

The development of these skills is critical for:

  • Building aspiration and supporting social mobility

  • Improving self-regulation and important metacognitive capabilities like motivation

  • Strengthening wellbeing

Recently updated guidance from the Department of Education reaffirms the Educational Endowment Fund’s advice; that schools should use a portion of their pupil premium allocation to support wider strategies to address the most significant non-academic challenges to success in school.

Through our programmes, our partner schools can support their students’ social, emotional and behavioural needs through intensive coaching and support and provide extra-curricular trip opportunities to inspirational workplaces and outdoor education experiences. Our dedicated Programme Managers lead on all elements of programme implementation including facilitating coaching sessions, arranging trips and engaging with parents.

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