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School Community Newsletter 23/06/23

We often think of loneliness as affecting the older generation, but loneliness can have a significant impact on young people too, affecting their overall well-being and academic performance.

When children and young people feel lonely, they may experience increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression, which can hinder their ability to concentrate, engage in class and form positive relationships with peers.

How can you spot the signs of loneliness in students?

  1. Social withdrawal

  2. Decreased engagement

  3. Changes in behaviour

  4. Emotional expression

  5. Lack of close friends

How can you support your students with feelings of loneliness?

  1. Engaging in open, coaching-style conversations

  2. Sharing your own experiences

  3. Encouraging social participation by giving a ‘special’ role or responsibility

  4. Collaborating with support staff and parents to ensure the student is supported throughout their school and home life

  5. Regular check-ins

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