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School Community Newsletter 21/04/23

When wellbeing is prioritised for students and staff, the quality of teaching improves, students achieve better academically and no less importantly young people and colleagues feel happier at school. With the many challenges to maintaining and prioritising wellbeing that teachers and school staff are facing, it can be difficult to know where to start. Selecting wellbeing as the focus of your next inset day could be one answer.

Using an inset day to embed good wellbeing practice may seem like a daunting prospect, but we hope our selection of tools and articles might give you the inspiration you need.



A toolkit for mentally healthy schools!

The Anna Freud Centre has developed a toolkit of key considerations and helpful resources that can be used when planning your next wellbeing inset day. Check it out!


Tips to avoid teacher burnout

The Education Support have focused a helpful article on identifying the warning signs of and addressing teacher burnout. Their downloadable poster could also be a helpful resource for your staffroom.



Download the 2023 TES School Wellbeing Report

TES have recently published their 2023 teacher wellbeing report, giving valuable insights into the state of wellbeing in our secondary schools that could be used to inform your inset day planning.



Try out our teacher wellbeing resources

Our resources for teacher wellbeing are totally free and can be adapted for use at your next inset day to encourage teams to reflect on their resilience.

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