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School Community Newsletter 19/05/23

Supporting students' transition to secondary school is crucial to help them navigate the changes and challenges that come with making the jump from primary school.

So, how can we make sure that your students are ready for that big step?

An incredibly important skill to instil in your students is resilience. Through resilience-building activities students improve their problem-solving skills and teamwork skills, making it much easier for students to set goals for themselves. That resilience will be key to their transition.

Self-esteem is another really important skill for young people when moving into Year 7. Celebrating your student’s achievements, and encouraging positive self-talk will allow your students to have the belief and confidence in themselves to thrive in their new environment.

Lastly, getting students to hone their communication skills. By getting your students to encourage inclusive behaviour and an understanding of empathy, they will go a long way when making new relationships at secondary school.

With your support, you can help your students take to secondary school smoothly and with little-to-no hiccups. Here are some resources to help support you and your students.



FREE resources to help support your students!

We are proud to help support you and your students with these brilliant classroom resources. We have loads of different resources to choose from to suit your classroom.


The benefits that mindful practises have in the classroom

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How to get your students to be more resilient

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Your classroom environment has more of an impact than you may think

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